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Encouraging Arlington Children to Stay in School

Children in Texas are falling behind in school. The number of high schoolers who receive a diploma in our state trails the national average, as does the number of young people who graduate from a four year college. Tragically, these statistics decline even further for children from low income families.

The Holguin Agency is announcing a campaign to provide educational assistance and guidance to young people in the Tarrant County area with the goal of encouraging them to complete their education.

Providing Guidance to Tarrant County Students

As Regional Ambassadors for the #AgentsofChange movement in the Arlington area, the Holguin Agency is committed to improving outcomes for young people in our community. During this campaign, we will be supporting a series of initiatives aimed at providing educational resources to young people in Tarrant County, as well as providing mentorship opportunities for students seeking guidance in completing their education.

If we hope to reverse the declining educational outcomes our children face, we will have to work together.

The Best Way for you to Help

The best way you can help is by allowing us to share information on this campaign with your close friends and loved ones. When you invite someone into the Holguin Agency for a complimentary insurance consultation, you’ll give us the chance to provide them with more information on this campaign. And for each person you invite, we will issue a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a local agency or program that provides educational support to young people in our area.

Giving our Children the Education they Deserve

Providing our children with proper guidance and access to educational opportunities will require effort from everyone in our community. Please join us, and let’s make sure all the young people in our area receive the education they deserve.



The Holguin Agency

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