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Celebrating the Bravery of Birth Mothers

Did you know that each year, less than 2% of unplanned pregnancies result in adoption?

Adoption ranks pretty high on issues people care about, but lowest on issues people actually understand. A recent study found that when it comes to adoption people admit to not knowing much. In fact, they know less about adoption than any other social issue measured! Even though almost everyone has at least one connection to it.

BraveLove is a national, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public charity organization headquartered in Dallas, Texas that exists to change the perception of adoption through honest, informative and hopeful communication that conveys the bravery of birth mothers. So often the brave act of placing a baby for adoption is viewed in a negative light when in reality it is a selfless, difficult, and loving act a birth mother can make for her child. BraveLove aims to change the way our culture thinks about adoption so that it’s recognized as a viable and more explored path for women in unplanned pregnancies. Through the creation and distribution of media and messaging, BraveLove aims to erase any shame surrounding adoption and instead show how adoption can be an amazing act of love and bravery. They also build relationships with partner organizations – like adoption agencies, pregnancy centers, health clinics, adoption support groups, etc.

“I attended a BraveLove event last year and I was blown away by the empowering message they share. It’s important that more people understand how wonderful adoption can truly be,” says Yvette Holguin.

Currently, BraveLove is aiming to create, curate, and distribute more multichannel media content to show adoption for what it is – a really brave choice.

This is where you can help.

Simply recommend a friend to our agency for a free quote and we will make a $10 in your name to BraveLove!

Join the #AgentsOfChange movement and let’s commend the bravery in our community, together!

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