Sherri's Nursing Home Cost


In January, our agency is donating $20 towards the Rusnak's for every family member or friend sent to us for a quote. Click on this link to Refer a Friend now:

Sherri Rusnak was recently diagnosed with FTD, Frontotemporal dementia. Unfortunately, the demands of her condition have weighed on her husband, William, whom now needs help, as he can no longer take care of Sherri by himself.

William has had to count on the help of a nursing home, which has now put a strain on the family's finances. Insurance has only covered part of Sherri's expensive care, and medical bills are starting to pile up on the Rusnak's. Anyone who knows the family, agrees that they have always been quick to rescue community members in need. Now it's our time to return the favor. 

Community Cause

Donations will alleviate some of the financial strain this family has faced, while also allowing William to focus on giving his beloved Sherri the attention she needs and deserves. Show your compassion for a couple in our community who is in such great need. Just a small generous donation can hugely impact their lives today.  We can do this!!! 




Yvette Holguin

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