Ethan's Story - A Battle for Health

Ethan is an amazing 11 year old living with extraordinary health challenges. Please support his journey with love, prayers and charity.

Ethan is an amazing & strong young man living with extraordinary circumstances. Just like other 11-year-old boys, he loves fishing, drawing & more. However, unlike typical boys his age, Ethan has been fighting for health his entire life and & its getting harder.



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Ethan has been diagnosed with EGID. EGID is a rare and chronic illness that has no cure. He is forced to endure painful intestinal symptoms on a daily basis; in spite of the complicated treatments and surgery required, his condition has no cure. Unfortunately it will also become more complicated with time.

Ethan’s healthcare is carefully managed at Cincinnati Center for Eosinophilic Disorders at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, one of only 3 centers in the country, with a team of specialist dedicated to research and treat this rare, often complicated disorder.

We are so proud of Ethan and the strength he has shown every day of his life. We trust God to watch over him and sustain his health as he moves forward.

The Morris Family lives in Texas and it is VITAL that Ethan makes this medical trip over Christmas for these surgeries. It is also important that the Morris’s are able to continue with future trips for his ongoing care. The medical expenses are overwhelming. Even after insurance, the medical expenses have averaged 13,000 - $15,000 per year and the financial burden is expected to escalate and the need more urgent.

As friends and family of Andrew, Kristen, Ethan and Liam, we want to unite together and establish a Medical fund. We would like to help the Morris family with their ongoing medical bills, monthly co-pays for doctor visits, surgeries, prescriptions, special medical formula and tube supplies. This will also help with medical travel expenses such as airfare, car rental, gas, hotels and other related expenses. Please share their story, together we can blow right past the goal! Please make any donation(s) and show the Morris family your love, prayers and tangible support!

We are on a mission to establish a medical fund for Ethan, which will help with his expenses and impact the quality of his life.

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